Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 4 Table Work

The discussion centered around the actors' persectives on their characters' different worlds. It was awesome that Brian was able to conference in Benji from Ohio who is cast as Erin's boyfriend, Matt, and have him on cellular speakerphone to share his thoughts on their relationship. Benji arrives in September. His thoughts were very much in line with ours. We discussed the roles of Marie, Beth and Margaret and then set out to do some character body work and a brief improv.

I took a photo for the press packet showing Beth and Erin. They capture the tone of the play very well at this point in time. Click to enlarge photo.

Melissa brought up the squirrels on the Boston Common and how they run around trees as children chase them, seeming to know it's a game, and eat from people's hands. She also mentioned a strange creature that was spotted in Boston but not from this region.
More talk of the list of the ordinary vs. the bizarre, the unnoticed vs. the noticed, for a dramaturgical insert to the program. Interesting concept came up the day before of putting the programs like scrolls in bottles with a little sand in them, and I wrote Tim the designer on Brian's suggestion to see if he could secure a bunch of bottles in his travels.
We discussed another manatee siting in Cape Cod and we speculated if it was the same one that was in the Hudson River 3 weeks ago. Associated Press news reports say "It is not known whether the manatee is the one seen earlier this month near Manhattan Island in New York. That manatee was tracked as it swam north along the coasts of Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey."

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