Monday, September 11, 2006

Dark footage

The tone at rehearsal was pointed. In a good way. There was a sharpness, a crisp sense of processing that made the time seem like a 2-for1 almost. We tried calling Marballi for Thomas' development (the character was based on him) but alas it was mid-afternoon workday for him in CA. I spoke with him after rehearsal and he said he's not reachable until after work, so we can try him at rehearsal's end one night this week.

Tuttle read the dramaturg notes aloud to the cast. They need tweaking. The cast is to add their thoughts of ordinary things. I'm to cut any sort of commentary (two sections) and embellish what's left with more vivid detail. And the title is A Collection of Happenings. and not Dramaturg's Notes, which makes me glad that it is more artistic contribution and less academic.

I am to interview Tuttle this week for the program and the website. Excited to see how that comes out. Sounds like he wants part of it in the program after all.

Was a tough night for shooting anything. The overhead lights were all off and I didn't want to manipulate the atmosphere for the sake of documentary so I shot and hoped whatever could be gleaned would be at least audible if not visible ... it's on the way. Slow uploading and the fine folks at google video take a while to debug it (so opening it won't generate an error report). I hope to get to it tonight after rehearsal, which is after the Dramaturgy Workshop at BU that Ilana's teaching and said I can audit. Can barely wait for that. Hoping no fires at work keep me from it.

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